12-Year-Old Massachusetts Boy Dies After Collapsing During Holden Soccer Camp

Joshua Thibodeau, 12, died yesterday after he collapsed during soccer camp at Wachusett Regional High School. He was from Holden.

The official cause of Thibodeau’s death is still not known at this time. At the time of his collapse, he was taking part in a “low-speed drill” at the Zalgiris Soccer Camp. Authorities are saying that he didn’t have any known medical conditions.

It is important for those supervising/running athletic activities to make sure that participants are not overworked or become dehydrated or fall ill. In the event that an athlete was to experience problems breathing, injure/sprain a muscle, or start to feel unwell while training or playing a game, it is up to trainers, the coach, and/or medical staff to provide attention and, if necessary, pull him out of practice or the competition so that he/she doesn’t suffer further illness or injury.

Kids, who are prone to listening to authority and may not know when they have hit their physical limits, can be especially susceptible to injury or illness unless they are properly supervised. Even adult athletes can get sick or die if pushed too far and too hard.

Recently, a jury awarded the family of college football player Erick Plancher $10 million for his wrongful death. Coaches allegedly insisted that Plancher “keep going” even after he collapsed the first time during conditioning workouts. Plancher had sickle-cell anemia.

If your son or daughter suffered serious injuries or fell ill while taking part in an athletic or recreational activity that was under someone else’s supervision, you may have reason to pursue a civil claim. An experienced Boston injury lawyer can help you explore your legal options.

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