$18.5M Transvaginal Mesh Verdict Awarded to Four Women

Boston Scientific has lost another transvaginal mesh injury lawsuit, this one over the Obtryx mesh sling. The defective medical device verdict awards $18.5 million, includes punitive damages, to four women. The jurors found that the company acted with “gross negligence.”

This is the medical device maker’s second pelvic mesh injury lawsuit loss in weeks. Earlier this month, another civil jury awarded four other women $26.7 million over injuries they sustained related to Boston Scientific’s Pinnacle mesh device.

In this Obtrxy mesh sling lawsuit, the plaintiffs said that the device, used to treat stress urinary incontinence, caused them to sustain serious infections and nerve damage, as well s experience serious pain during intercourse. They also said that the mesh implant device caused tissue erosion, organ damage, and severe pain. They had to undergo multiple surgeries because of the faulty implant.

The women claim that the Boston Scientific did not properly test the mesh products, which are made of polypropylene, a material that is not approved for permanent use in the body. Their lawyers said that the manufacturer rushed the products to market, which is why satisfactory safety testing was not conducted. They claim that pelvic mesh maker did not tell the women and doctors about the risks involved with the device.

Boston Scientific disagrees with the jury’s ruling and is considering appealing the ruling.

The Obtryx Mesh sling is implanted via an incision in the vagina. The mesh is designed to support the urethra, keep it from sagging or leaking urine. Unfortunately, like other vaginal mesh implant products, the Obtryx mesh has been linked to serious side effects including infection, erosion through the vaginal wall, severe pain, dyspareunia, organ damage, perforation of the bladder, bowel, or blood vessels, incontinence, disfigurement, or scarring. Multiple surgeries may be required to remove the device, which can result in further pain and complications.

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Boston Scientific to pay $18.5 million in mesh case, Reuters, November 20, 2014

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