4-Year-Old Dudley Boy Dies in Auburn, Massachusetts Escalator Fall Accident

State officials are ordering a statewide investigation of escalators, after 4-year-old Mark DiBona fell two stories down an escalator in a Sears store at the Auburn Mall on Friday. The Dudley boy landed on a store display and sustained serious injuries during the Massachusetts escalator accident. He died the following day.

Earlier this week, two inspectors were suspended because they did not block off a gap at the top of the escalator. Although the gap should have only been 4 inches wide, it was 6 ¼ inches. A barricade should have been placed between the wall and the side of the escalator to restrict the opening’s size. All escalators that the two inspectors checked will be looked at again.

There are about 975 escalators in the state. Each one is inspected annually.

Escalator Accidents
Kids and elderly seniors are two of the groups most at risk of getting injured in an escalator accident. While some escalator accidents are caused by rider carelessness, still others are caused inadequate maintenance, escalator malfunction, or escalator defects. Our Boston injury lawyers can help you determine whether you have grounds for a case.

Common Boston escalator accidents include fall accidents, trip and fall incidents, and accidents involving a person’s shoe or shoelaces getting stuck on an escalator step. Escalator accident injuries may include:

• Broken bones
• Traumatic brain injury • Spinal cord injury • Fractures • Foot injuries • Neck injuries • Toe and Finger injuries • Mental and emotional trauma
If you or someone you love was seriously injured in an escalator accident-depending on the specifics of your case, you may have grounds for a Boston personal injury or wrongful death case against the owner of the property where the escalator is located (for Boston premises liability), the manufacturer (for Massachusetts products liability), the company of maintaining the escalator, or other liable parties.

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