$500,000 Massachusetts Clergy Abuse Settlement Reached Between Former Williamstown Altar Boy and Two Ex-Springfield Roman Catholic Bishops

A Williamstown man has settled his Massachusetts clergy sex abuse lawsuit against former Springfield Roman Catholic bishops Joseph Maguire and Thomas Dupre for $500,000. The plaintiff, Andrew Nicastro, contended that then-Reverend Albert Graves was able to molest him during the early 80’s because the two defendants did not stop him even though they knew he had abused others boys.

The settlement was reached after the Williamstown sex abuse case had gone to trial. Nicastro, who was an ex-altar boy, contends that Graves molested him at St. Patrick’s Parish between 1982 and 1984. He accused both former bishops of not properly supervising Graves.

In the wake of the settlement, Maguire, 92 and now retired, issued a statement apologizing for Nicastro’s suffering and abuse. Dupre, who retired from his position as bishop in 2004 after allegations surfaced that he also had sexually abused altar boys, has not issued a statement.

Clergy Sexual Abuse

While no amount of money can make up for the emotional and psychological harm suffered from being the victim of sexual abuse, there are laws in place that may allow you to hold your abusers or those that looked the other way and/or should have stopped the abuse accountable. With so many victims of Massachusetts clergy sex abuse coming forward in recent years, the Legislature extended the statute of limitations for bringing criminal charges to 27 years (from 15 years). The three year statute of limitations for civil suits involving child sex abuse-three years after the abuse, three years after the victim turned 18, or three years after discovery that psychological or emotional injuries were because of the abuse-has remained the same.

Last week, however, the House passed a bill extending the deadline to file a civil claim for Massachusetts child sex abuse to until the victim reaches the age of 43. While the measure would only impact future claims it would also give plaintiffs that haven’t been able to bring their lawsuits because of the current statute a year to file a retroactive case. Under the bill, however, entities or businesses couldn’t be blamed for the abuse unless gross negligence is proven.

The Protection from Sexual Predators Act of 2011

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