58 Fire Fatalities in Massachusetts in 2007

Out of the 58 people that died in Massachusetts due to fires in 2007, 11 of these fatalities took place in Boston and 11 of the year’s fatalities occurred in December. The death toll from fire accidents could rise if any of those who survived accidental fires but sustained serious burn injuries end up dying.

While some fire accidents can be caused by personal negligence, such as when a lit cigarette butt is left unattended or a towel is accidentally tossed onto a space heater, there are accidents where injuries can occur because another party was negligent. For example:

• Car accidents • Truck accidents • Motorcycle accidents • Faulty electrical wiring • Fires that are not properly supervised • Plane crashes • Work-related accidents • Defective products • Cooking accident

Accidents involving fires can lead to serious burn injuries that can be very painful and traumatic for the victim. Medical care can be very costly. A burn injury victim may have to undergo multiple surgeries, including plastic surgery, skin graft surgery, and reconstructive surgery. You may have to be treated at a special burn unit.

A person may sustain first-degree burns, second-degree burns, and third degree burns. Some scars and internal injuries may be impossible to heal or recover from.

If your burn injuries occurred because someone else was negligent, there are steps that you can take to sue for personal injury compensation. A Massachusetts burn injury lawyer can assist you.

The American Burn Association says that 500,000 people are treated for burn injuries in the United States every year. 4,000 burn-related deaths occur annually.

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