84-Year-Old Woman Injured in Salem Pedestrian Accident on Boston Street

An 84-year-old woman sustained serious injured last week when she was struck by an SUV on Boston Street. Laura Camara was in the crosswalk when the Salem pedestrian accident happened.

Police have cited William Conway, the driver of the sport utility vehicle, for negligent operation and failure to yield to a pedestrian. He says that he didn’t see Camara. Conway told police he thought the driver of a landscaping truck that was stopped at the crosswalk was directing him to turn. The truck driver, however, says he was actually signaling Camara to cross the street.

The elderly pedestrian sustained bruises, abrasions, and a head gash during the Massachusetts traffic accident. She was initially transported to Salem Hospital and then later flown to Boston where she was admitted to Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital. Camara’s son says her injuries are complicated by the fact that she has a heart condition and is being treated with blood-thinning medication.

The crosswalk where the Salem pedestrian accident occurred is located in an area that has been a common site for traffic crashes. Police records indicate that there have reportedly been 24 traffic crashes close to this intersection since 2004. Seven people reported injuries. In about 12 of these Salem motor vehicle accidents, a driver was attempting to turn left from Aborn onto Boston Street.

Often, on the section of Boston Street that runs from Howley to Aborn, drivers will pass other vehicles or go into another lane so they can turn. There are cars parked on the side of this busy street.

Although Massachusetts motorists are responsible for driving safely, it is up to those charged with designing roadways to make sure that there are no hazards or conditions that can cause pedestrian accidents, truck crashes, car collisions, bicycle crashes, motorcycle accidents, or bus crashes. Getting hit by a car, a motorcycle, a bus, or a large truck can result in serious injuries for the pedestrian.

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