Boston, Massachusetts Accutane Lawsuits Blame Acne Drug for Severe Intestinal Problems

Plaintiffs blaming Accutane for severe intestinal issues are continuing to submit their dangerous drug lawsuits to the courts. Our Boston products liability lawyers represent Massachusetts clients who have suffered serious health complications from taking pharmaceutical products. If you or someone you love has developed Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disorder, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, ulcerative colitis, hair loss, depression, and suicidal tendencies you may have reason for filing a Massachusetts dangerous drug complaint against Roche and generic makers of this medication, which is often used to treat acne. Accutane is no longer sold in the United States.

In New Jersey state court alone-where all of the actions pending in the state were consolidated into one mass action-a least 5,169 Accutane injury lawsuits have been filed as of last month. That’s almost two thousands new complaints since early May. All of the dangerous drug cases accuse LaRoche and generic drug manufacturers of not doing enough research on the medication and failing to warn about the risk of serious side effects. Seven of the first nine cases have been decided in favor of the plaintiffs. To date, Roche has been ordered to pay over $55 million.

One of the largest Accutane injury damages awarded to a plaintiff so far is $25 million. Andrew McCarrell started taking Accutane isotretinoin in June 1995 when he was a college football player. He stopped taking the medication after about four months. The next summer, he developed inflammatory bowel disease and then later Corhn’s disease. In December 1996 he had to have his rectum and colon. McCarrell has undergone several surgeries because of his IBD. A jury initially awarded him $2.62 million in 2007. Hoffman-LaRoche appealed the verdict and the case was remanded to back to trial. This time, the court awarded McCarrell $25.16 million.

Unfortunately, every year there are patients who suffer serious injuries and side effects from taking a medication. Sometimes the drug manufacturer wasn’t aware that the drug wasn’t safe for use or posed such serious risks. In another instances, pharmaceutical companies may have known about the risks but chosen to conceal

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