Aggressive Dog Threatens Safety of New England Neighborhood

The U.S. Postal Service has stopped delivering mail to one New England town, citing an aggressive dog as the reason.

For more than one year, mail carriers have not delivered mail to a neighborhood in Concord, New Hampshire over concern that one of the neighborhood homeowner’s dogs is overly aggressive and poses a significant threat to postal workers. In three separate instances postal workers have been rushed and had to suspend delivery anywhere near the home out of concern that the dog will attack.

Neighbors have also complained that the dog is exceptionally aggressive and that they fear for their own safety, however there have not been reports that the dog has actually attacked and harmed any individuals.

While no one yet has been injured by this dog, the scary truth is that no one knows just what will set off a dog and cause it to attack. In many cases, dog attacks happen to unsuspecting individuals who have done nothing to provoke an attack. Under Massachusetts law, dog attacks are held strictly under liability law-meaning that the dog’s owner is fully responsible for the actions of his or her dog. If a dog attacks someone and causes injury, no matter how severe, then it is the owner (or the owner’s insurance carrier) who is responsible for payment of all medical bills, lost wages, and financial compensation for pain and suffering, and any other costs associated with the injury to the victim and/or his family.

At the law offices of Altman & Altman, our Boston Dog Bite Attorneys have been representing victims of animal attacks for nearly 50 years. We understand how traumatic a dog attack can be both emotionally and physically to a victim and his/her family, and we will do whatever necessary to successfully recover any costs associated with the injury and get the compensation that is deserved. If you or a loved one was the victim of an animal attack, do not hesitate to call one of our lawyers to discuss your options and rights. Our attorneys are available around the clock to answer any questions related to your case and all initial consultations are completely free and confidential.

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