Alcohol May Have Been A Factor in Deadly Orleans, Massachusetts Car Accident Involving Woman that Fell out of Pickup Truck that Struck Her

Police are investigating a deadly Barnstable County, Massachusetts traffic accident that claimed the life of 47-year-old Diane Cole. They believe that both Cole and the driver of the GMC pickup truck she had been riding in on Friday afternoon, 69-year-old Dennis Maskell, had been drinking.

According to witnesses, on Friday afternoon, Cole fell out of the truck and that was when the vehicle’s rear tire struck her. At the time, the vehicle was reportedly moving at a slow speed. So far, the authorities don’t believe that the truck’s door opened unexpectedly as a result of any type of mechanical failure. They also don’t believe that domestic problems played a role in the tragic incident.

Maskell has been charged with motor vehicle homicide. A man who knew Cole and Maskell said that she jumped out of the vehicle. Maskell and Cole were reportedly not a couple.

Barnstable County, Massachusetts Wrongful Death
Figuring out who was responsible for a Massachusetts injury accident can be tough. Even with investigators and police involved, you want to make sure that you retain the servicers of someone that can advocate on your behalf and protect your rights.

If someone you love was killed in an Orleans, Massachusetts injury accident that you believe was caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be able to sue for damages.

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Even if your relative was partially at fault in causing his/her death, the state’s comparative negligence statute allows plaintiffs to recover from the other party that was negligent according to a percentage of how much the defendant is to blame.

Building a case can be tough and it can take time. You want to work with an experienced Boston injury lawyer. Contact Altman & Altman, LLP today.

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