Andover, Massachusetts Distracted Driving Accident Leads to Permanent, Disfiguring Injuries

Per court documents submitted in Essex Superior Court, a pedestrian who suffered permanent disfigurement in an Andover, MA car accident has settled her civil lawsuit with the driver, who was texting while driving when he struck her. The Massachusetts distracted driving accident occurred in 2011 when the plaintiff was struck by the motorist in his pickup truck.

The impact of the collision, which caused her to fall unconscious to the ground after her head was struck by the truck’s side mirror, allowed the vehicle to run over her leg with one of its tires, leaving the victim with injuries serious enough that she had to undergo numerous surgeries and require medical care to treat her vertigo, concussion, and memory loss. Evidence indicates that she will never again have full function of her leg.

The documents contend that the Andover, MA pedestrian accident happened because the driver took his eyes off the road while texting. The defendant settled the case with the maximum coverage available and additional monies.

Distracted Driving Awareness Month
April has been dubbed Distracted Driving Awareness Month, a time when lawmakers and advocates ramp up their efforts to spread awareness about distracted driving. Such efforts are so important, especially when you consider that according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, at any daylight moment in the US approximately 660,000 drivers are either using an electronic device or a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle. In 2011 alone, such activities led to 3,300 distracted driving accidents and 387,000 injuries.

That distracted driving-especially texting and talking on the cell phone while driving-is dangerous is no longer a surprise to many. Yet, per NHTSA’s 2012 National Survey of Distracted Driving Attitudes and Behaviors, close to 50% of motorists admitted to answering an incoming call, with 25% of drivers being willing to make one-when driving.

April brings National Distracted Driving Awareness, Department of Transportation
Distracted Driving

The Dangers of Texting While Driving, Federal Communications Commission

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