At Least 10 Patients May Have Been Affected Because of Alleged Drug Tampering by Boston Paramedic

In Suffolk Superior Court, Brain Benoit, a 40-year-old Boston paramedic, received 73 indictments for allegedly stealing scores of sedatives and painkillers, including fentanyl and morphine, and tampering with over 100 vials of medication. Prosecutors say that he replaced the drugs he stole with other substances, such as vitamin B and saline, to avoid getting caught.

Last month, health officials estimated that about 64 people may have been exposed to infections due to Benoit’s alleged tampering and that seven of them had passed away for unrelated reasons, such as other injuries or a medical emergency. Now, however, prosecutors are saying that the number of patients that likely received the diluted drugs, is closer to 10. (Some of the drugs that were allegedly tampered with had broken seals or puncture holes.)

A contaminated medication can cause serious health issues, as we have recently witnessed with the fungal meningitis outbreak that is linked to tainted steroid shots originating from a compound pharmaceutical company in Framingham. Already, a number of Massachusetts drug injury lawsuits have been filed against the New England Compounding Center.

Paramedic Malpractice
Paramedics are often called to the scene in emergency situations. Usually the patient needing assistance is already suffering from a serious injury or health issue warranting immediate, significant help. When negligence or errors on the paramedic’s part causes further injury, illness, or death. the victim may be able to pursue Boston paramedic malpractice damages.

Common paramedic mistakes:

• Delayed response • Failure to follow protocols • Misdiagnosis • Failure to administer the proper medications • Negligent ambulance driving • Failure to provide the necessary emergency care • Delayed diagnosis
If a paramedic’s negligence or reckless behavior is a continuing cause of injury or endangers the lives of multiple patients, there may be other parties that should be held liable, such as the company/provider that employs the paramedic, for Boston medical malpractice.

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