Back to School Safety Month – Kicks Off

With the start of school less than two weeks away in many areas, it’s the perfect time to discuss back to school safety. Whether your children take the bus or you drive them to school every day, there are steps you can take to reduce their risk of serious harm on their way to and from school. As the official Back-to-School Safety Month, August is a great time to remind drivers to use extra caution when commuting to work or transporting kids to school.

Children 14 and Under Most at Risk of Pedestrian Injuries

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a pedestrian is injured every 7 minutes in the United States. In 2013, about 76,000 pedestrians were injured in traffic-related accidents. With the upcoming surge of children walking to and from school and busses, it’s crucial to pay extra attention on morning and afternoon commutes. Children under the age of 14 are most at risk for these types of injuries and deaths due to their lack of experience and small size. The CDC reports that nearly one in five traffic-related deaths for children under 14 are pedestrian deaths.

Back to School Safety Tips for Drivers

  • Use extra caution, and low speeds, in school zones and residential areas
  • At intersections, double check for children before accelerating
  • When entering and exiting driveways, drive slowly and use extra caution
  • When driving during early morning and afternoon school hours, look for children on and near roadways
  • Do not drive distracted; put down your cell phone and keep your focus on the road at all times

Back to School Safety Tips for Kids

  • Until children are at least 10 years of age, they should always cross the street with an adult
  • Children should always cross the street at corners, and use crosswalks when available
  • Remind children to never run out into the streets
  • Never walk between parked cars
  • When entering or exiting the bus, always walk in front of the bus
  • Tell children to always make eye contact with drivers before crossing in front of them. It’s never wise to assume a driver can see you
  • Before crossing a road look left, right, and left again

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