Bedford, MA Plane Crash Kills Seven People

Seven people died in a Massachusetts plane crash on Saturday when the corporate jet of Philadelphia Inquirer co-owner Lewis Katz went off the runway, fell into an embankment, and caught fire as it was attempting take off. The tragic accident took place at Hanscom Field, which is located outside Boston.

Katz and six others were killed in the Bedford, Ma plane crash. The other victims include the other three passengers, a cabin attendant, and the two pilots.

On Monday, investigators were able to get the cockpit-voice and flight-data recorders from the private plane. The National Transportation Safety Board is trying to determine exactly what happened. reports that the recorders indicate that the crew followed all procedures up to the moment when the plane should have risen into the air and that was when the pilots aborted takeoff. Also, according to the FDR, the thrust reversers deployed, the wheel break pressure was increased, and the plane decelerated. Investigators still don’t know why the pilots tried to stop the plane from going into the air. The cockpit voice recorder, however, did capture comments that were made about aircraft control. says that an aviation accident during take-of is among the most common kinds of crashes involving jet planes. One of the most high-risk moments during a flight occurs when a pilot has to decide whether to keep accelerating the aircraft or abort. Slamming on the brakes while moving at a fast speed can often cause a plane to slide. Once a plane has accelerated over 100 mph toward takeoff, a pilot may even be better off deciding to get aircraft into the air and deal with the emergency off ground rather than risking a plane crash.

If someone you loved was killed in a Boston plane accident you should speak with an experienced Massachusetts aviation crash law firm right away. Often, there are specific reasons for why an airplane accident happens. More often than not there are few survivors. Those who are lucky enough to tell the tale of having lived through such a collision typically end up sustaining catastrophic injuries.

You want to work with an experienced Boston wrongful death law firm that knows how to identify what caused the accident and who should be held liable.

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