Boston Nonprofit WATCH Issues its Worst Toys List for 2010

World Against Toys Causing Harm Inc., a Boston nonprofit, has identified the 10 toys it the marketplace that it considers to be the worst in terms of hazards they pose to kids. The list is out just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Our Boston personal injury law firm wants to remind you that if your son or daughter was injured by a toy that malfunctioned or was defective in some way, you may have grounds for Massachusetts products liability case against the manufacturer, seller, distributor, and/or another liable parties.

Included in WATCH’s 2010 List of Most Dangerous Toys:

Spy Gear Split-Blaster: WATCH warns users not to aim toy at face or eyes and to only use the darts that come with it. Can cause eye injuries.

Supasplat Splatblaster: Can cause facial, eye, and other impact injuries. Use glasses that come with the toy. However, the glasses are just a toy and do not provide real protection. Do not aim at or close to an animal or another person.

Buzz Magnets: Small magnets can prove fatal if swallowed and they get stuck in the intestine.

Kung Fu Panda Sword of Heroes: Sword can cause impact injuries.

Ballzillion Tug Boat Play Center: This is a toy and not a flotation device. Don’t use near a pool. Can cause injury or death.

My First Mini Cycle: Do not use near or on a hill, sloped driveway, staircase or swimming pool. Users risk head and other impact injuries. Kids should use a helmet.

Pull-Along Caterpillar: Pull string can pose a choking hazard.

Animal Alley Pony: Long, fiber-like hairs can come off easily and may pose an aspiration or ingestion hazard.

Big Bang Rocket: May cause hearing damage if used too close to the ears.

Walkaroo II Aluminum Stilts: Don’ use close to swimming pools, stairs, uneven surfaces, or steep inclines. Falling from the stilts can cause head or other impact injuries.

Toys are made specifically for kids. There is no reason why they should be dangerous enough to cause serious injuries or death to a child. Unfortunately, ever year, there are children who are hurt because a toy or another consumer product proved unsafe for use, malfunctioned, or did not come with the proper warnings.

10 Worst Toys, WATCH

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