Boston TBIs Highlighted During Brain Injury Awareness Month

Brain injuries affected over a million people in the US every year. March is Brain Injury Awareness month, and our Boston injury lawyers want to remind you that if someone you love has sustained a brain injury because of an accident that was caused by another party’s negligent actions, you may have grounds for a Massachusetts brain injury lawsuit.

Some common causes of Boston traumatic brain injuries:

• Fall accidents • Car crashes • Getting hit by or striking a hard object or surface • Assault crimes • Medical mistakes • Strangulation • Construction accidents • Choking accidents • Near drowning accidents • Electrocution • Exposure to hazardous substances • Sports • Slip and fall accidents • Birthing injuries
Suffering a brain injury can irrevocably alter the victim’s life. In addition to costly medical and rehabilitation expenses, a brain injury victim may not be able to work, live independently, or maintain the same quality of life or relationships as before.

Signs someone may be suffering from a brain injury after hitting his/her head include, vomiting, anxiety, fatigue, loss of consciousness, slurred speech, sadness, problems remembering new information, blurred vision, listlessness, headache, and convulsions. Brain injuries are not always immediately detectable. Some brain injuries are so dangerous that one moment, a person may think he/she is fine, and the next moment, the person is in a coma.

A brain injury can be mild or it can be severe. That said, even a “mild” brain injury, such as a concussion, can in fact be a serious injury. Brain injuries can cause personality changes, communication difficulties memory problems, epilepsy, emotional problems, cognitive brain impairment, coma, or increase the chances that the person could develop Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s.

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