Boston Wrongful Death Lawsuits Accuses Ex-New England Patriots’ Aaron Hernandez in 2012 Shooting

The families of two men have filed $6M Boston wrongful death lawsuits against Aaron Hernandez, the former New England Patriots tight end. Their loved ones, Daniel Abreu, 28, and Saffiro Furtado, 27, were riding in a BMW in July 2012 when they were fatally shot. They plaintiffs contend that Hernandez fired the weapon from his car into the vehicle carrying the two men. Two other people in the vehicle with the victims survived the drive-by shooting.

Court documents unsealed last month showed that police have suggested that Hernandez may have been the one to pull the trigger in the Boston double homicide. In a June 2013 warrant used to search a Toyota linked to the 24-year-old and seen at the crime, the authorities said they believed there was “probable cause.” CNN has reported that a grand jury is examining whether he was involved in the incident.

Meantime, Hernandez remains behind bars. He is being held on weapons and first-degree murder charges in the fatal shooting of Odin Lloyd, who was a friend of his. The ex-NFL player has pleaded not guilty.

These latest Boston wrongful death cases are the third and fourth against Hernandez. Lloyd’s family is also suing him, as is Alexander Bradley, an associate of his who says that the former pro football player also shot him. Bradley says he lost sight in one eye and continues to get medical care.

If someone has injured you or a loved one and that party is under criminal investigation (or has been charged or convicted), you should know that you may be able to pursue a claim of your own for Massachusetts personal injury or wrongful death damages. The two cases are unrelated-one is a civil one, the other a criminal case-and the outcomes are also unrelated.

This means that even if a person is found not guilty in the criminal case, he/she may still have to pay compensation in a lawsuit. At Altman & Altman, LLP, we represent victims and their loved ones. Contact our Boston injury law firm today.

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