Boston-Based Advocacy Group Releases its Annual List of Dangerous Toys

World Against Toys Causing Harm (WATCH), a Boston, Massachusetts based toy safety group has released its yearly “!0 Worst Toys” list. The list points out the hidden dangers in certain toys. This toy list is updated every year. This year, however, it is especially significant in light of all the toy recalls that have taken place-particularly involving toys with lead in them that were made in China.

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The list includes:

1. Go Diego Go Animal Rescue Boat, made by Fisher-Price: This toy was recalled because they were painted with what could be excessive quantities of lead.

2. Sticky Stones, made by GeoCentral: A pontential choking hazard and cause of internal injuries.

3. Jack Sparrow’s Spinning Dagger, made by Zizzle: May cause eye injuries and does not come with a manufacturer warning.

4. L’il Giddy Up’ Horse – Sassy Pet Saks, made by Douglas Co.: The Beads on the this toy can be removed and swallowed easily and can also lead to aspiration injuries.

5. Dora the Explorer Lamp, made by Funhouse: A potential cause of burns and electric shock.

6. Spider Man 3 New Goblin Sword, made by Hasbro: May cause impact injuries, including facial injuries.

7. Hip Hoppa, Made by Spin Master Ltd. and Vivid Imaginations Ltd.: Could lead to head injuries and fall injuries.

8. B’Loonies Party Pack, made by Ja-Ru Inc.: Flammable chemicals could lead to ingestion and burn injuries.

9. My Little Baby Born, made by Entertainment Inc.: Zapf Creations AG: The plastic pacifier attached to ribbon that comes with the doll is a choking hazard.

10. Rubber Band Shooter, made by Simple Toys LLC: May cause serious eye injuries.

Toy Injury Statistics:

• About 155,400 children under 15 years of age received medical care at hospitals in 2003 because of toy-related injuries.

• 64% of toy-related fatalities that year were caused by choking.

• Nearly 50% of toy-related injuries are sustained by children injured on the head or face.

• Drowning, falling off a toy, and suffocation are other common causes of toy related injuries.

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