Disabled Man is Beaten in Boston at MBTA’s Downtown Crossing Station Orange Line Platform

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Police have arrested two people in the assault of a man who is disabled. The alleged assault occurred yesterday on the Downtown Crossing Station on the Orange Line platform. The victim, 40, was transported to a Boston hospital. His MBTA accident injuries included lacerations and injuries to his face and torso.

Watertown resident, 32-year-old Bryon Lashus, Cambridge resident, 22-year-old Karen Akiba, are to be arraigned in court on assault charges. The two of them were allegedly part of a group that attacked the man who was waiting for a train to arrive.

According to MBTA police, the alleged victim got involved in the group’s conversation, which is when the assault happened. The man’s disability prevents him from communicating properly with people.

As our Boston injury lawyers mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, there seems to be a disturbing trend of violence going on this summer. If you have been a victim of personal violence, you may be able to pursue damages from your assailant. You also may be able to do the same from the property owner where the crime happened.

Unfortunately, physical assaults, sexual crimes, robberies, and other crimes have been known to happen at train stations. It is the responsibility of MBTA or whoever is in charge to make sure there is adequate security, proper lighting, surveillance cameras, and any other safety measures necessary to keep commuters and others safe in a place where members of the public are free to come and go. Adequate safety measures and protections must also be provided on trains and trolleys.

Boston Premises Liability
Many people are intimidated by the idea of pursuing Boston premises liability damages for inadequate security. Worries about having to pay legal fees or misconceptions about working with an experienced attorney can stop you from receiving the compensation for your harm and suffering that you are owed. As a matter of fact, retaining legal representation only increases your chances of financial recovery. Also, you don’t pay legal fees out of your own pocket, it comes out of this compensation. If no Massachusetts personal injury damages are recovered, then you pay your lawyer nothing.

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