Dorchester, Massachusetts Child Sex Abuse?: Teacher’s Assistant Accused of Lewd and Lascivious Behavior Involving Disabled Student

Police say that a teacher’s assistant at the Harbor Pilot School in Dorchester is facing charges of engaging in lascivious and lewd behavior with a student who is disabled and non-verbal. The school employee has been placed on paid administrative leave. According to, the student, 14, is autistic. The boy’s mother told WBZ-TV says that it was police who notified her that someone walked into a room and saw her son with his pants down.

The issue of child sex abuse has come under intense scrutiny nationally with the arrests of ex-Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky and recently fired Syracuse University assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine. In Massachusetts, if you believe that your son, daughter, or you were the victim of child sex abuse, do not hesitate to contact one of our Boston injury lawyers to find out whether you have a case.

Unfortunately, as the Associated Press reported four years ago (this was a story that we covered in our Boston Injury Lawyer Blog) sex abuse involving teachers as perpetrators happens more often than we’d like to think. Now, with allegations of sex abuse focused on such high profile athletic coaches, questions are again being raised as to whether schools are doing enough to protect kids.

Sandusky is accused of sexually assaulting a number of boys. He is charged with over 50 counts related to sexual molestation, including child rape. Although his alleged victims were kids he worked with through Second Mile charity and not University students, a number of the incidents allegedly occurred on Penn State property. At least one sex abuse lawsuit has been filed suing Sandusky, the University, and his charity.

Regarding the sex abuse accusations surrounding Fine, one of his alleged victims has already sued the former Syracuse assistant coach for sexually abusing him when he was a child. Today, two other alleged victims, Mike Lang and his stepbrother Bobby Davis, have filed a defamation lawsuit against Fine, the university, and head basketball coach Jim Boeheim. The plaintiffs, who claim that Fine molested them repeatedly when they were kids, are upset that Boeheim accused them of lying about Fine and the abuse.

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Sex abuse is a crime and can be grounds for a Dorchester personal injury case.

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