Duck Boat and Scooter Collide, Killing Beacon Hill Woman

A duck boat loaded with tourists struck and killed a 29-year-old Beacon Hill woman over the weekend. The as yet unnamed woman and her male passenger were on a scooter when the accident occurred. They were stopped at a red light on Charles Street, directly in front of the Boston Duck Boat Tours’ vehicle. Both riders were wearing helmets. Contact a Boston Personal Injury Lawyer Today.

According to a witness, when the light turned green, “the duck boat just took off and actually went into the back of the people on the scooter.” The woman operating the scooter tried to accelerate and witnesses shouted, trying to alert the duck boat driver. But it was too late. The scooter fell to the ground and the duck boat ran it over.

Seattle Duck Boat Accident

Many have criticized duck boats, saying they are too dangerous for congested city streets. When a Seattle duck boat crashed into a charter bus, killing four students, there were national cries for a ban on the amphibious vehicles.

According to local authorities, this weekend’s accident near Boston was the first deadly accident for Boston Duck Boat Tours, a company that has been around since 1994. The scooter was crushed under the side front wheel of the massive vehicle.

Surveillance Video

The incident occurred within range of a surveillance camera owned by the city. In a statement, Officer Rachel McGuire, a spokeswoman for the Boston police, said the surveillance footage will be reviewed by investigators. “We’ll have to determine whether criminal charges have to be taken out against the operator,” said Evans.

The duck boat had approximately 26 to 28 passengers at the time of the collision. None of the passengers were hurt. Apparently, the driver stopped the vehicle and jumped out as soon as he realized he had hit something. According to a spokesman for Boston Duck Tours, the driver “has been with the company for years and has a great safety record.”

At the time of the accident, Jay Beausang was planting a tree near the intersection of Charles and Beacon streets. He saw the victim’s body pop out from behind the duck boat. “I ran over. I got on my knees, held her wrist for a pulse,” said Beausang. The woman attempted to speak, but was unable. Beausang said that although she wasn’t bleeding, the woman looked like a “rag doll”. The male passenger was not seriously injured.

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