Elderly Woman Struck By MBTA Commuter Rail Train

An elderly Framingham woman was seriously injured when she was struck by a commuter rail train in downtown Framingham earlier this week.

The woman was struck by an inbound train near the Framingham rail station and it is still unclear as to how or why the accident occurred. The woman was medflighted to a Boston-area hospital for treatment of serious injuries and she is expected to make a full recovery.


Whether you are someone who utilizes public transit on a daily basis or only occasionally, there is always a risk of injury as the result of human error (such as an operator’s behavior), equipment failure, as well as unsafe conditions on commuting premises. Unsafe conditions can be present in a number of locations, including at bus and train stations, on station platforms, on stairways and stairwells, and on entryways, and exits.
When these types of accidents occur, victims inevitably wonder what their next step should be along with recovery from their injuries. Common concerns may include payment for medical bills, compensation for lost wages because an injury prevents a normal work schedule, property damage, pain and suffering, and long-term care and disability.

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