Electric Bicycles Recalled After Reports of Crashes, Explosions, and Other Potential Hazards

E-bikes now make up the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. electric vehicle economy, according to ABC10. Along with the increased popularity, however, come reports of crashes, injuries, fires, and other hazards. In 2022, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced multiple recalls related to electric bicycles.

While electric bikes have been recalled for a variety of mechanical failures and battery problems, one of the biggest e-bike recalls of the year was due to defective tires. In November, Rad Power Bikes recalled over 29,000 RadWagon 4 Electric Cargo Bikes after receiving 137 reports of tires blowing out, deflating, and separating from the sidewalls. Eight reported injuries occurred, including broken bones, road rash, and cuts and/or bruises.

Rad Power Electric Bike Recall

The RadWagon recall involves tires with misaligned rim strips that can cause the tube to pop and damage the tire. In addition, tires with a ribbed sidewall can unexpectedly go flat, potentially leading to serious injury crashes.

Date of Recall: November 3, 2022

Product Recalled: RadWagon 4 Electric Cargo Bikes

Units Recalled: 29,300

Product Details: Sold in black, white, and orange colors, the recalled bikes have  “RADWAGON” and “RAD POWER BIKES” printed on the downtube. The recall also applies to spare RadWagon 22-inch by 3-inch tires sold separately under the name Rad Power Bikes by VEE Tire Co.

Locations Sold: The recalled products were sold between September 2020 and August 2022 at Rad Power Bikes stores nationwide and online at www.radpowerbike.com.

Remedy: Immediately stop using the recalled e-bikes and contact Rad Power Bikes for a free repair to replace both tires and rim strips.

Other Recent E-Bike Recalls

According to the CPSC website, the following electric bicycle recalls also occurred in the past year:

  • Ancheer E-Bikes — Ancheer recalled about 22,000 e-bicycles after receiving six reports of incidents involving lithium-ion batteries igniting, exploding, or sparking, including four burn injuries.
  • Brompton Electric Folding Bicycles — Brompton Bicycle recalled about 2,230 foldable electric bikes after reports of faulty mudguards causing the bicycles to crash. The company received nine injury reports including head and facial impact, broken bones, dislocated shoulders, bruising, chipped teeth, and two hospitalizations.
  • Heckler 9 Electric Bicycles — Santa Cruz Bicycles recalled around 1,600 e-bikes due to two separate battery-related hazards. A malfunctioning latch can cause the battery to detach while riding (posing a fall hazard) and the latch spring can cause added wear on the battery housing (posing a fire hazard).

Boston Bicycle Injury Lawyers

When defective e-bikes malfunction, they can cause significant property damage and serious physical injuries. Manufacturers have a duty to sell safe products, and courts can hold them accountable for selling dangerous goods. If you’ve been harmed by a faulty electronic bike (or traditional bike), a personal injury lawyer can help you defend your rights.

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