Family of East Boston Man Shot by Cop During Standoff Sues City of Lynn for Massachusetts Wrongful Death

The family of Michael Addesa has filed a Lynn wrongful death lawsuit against the city. The 34-year-old was shot to death by Lynn Police Officer Paul Holey on the evening of May 27, 2008.

According to the Lynn Police Department, Holey saw the East Boston man behaving strangely at the intersection of Commercial and Alley streets. The police officer exited the vehicle and told him to stop. Addesa ignored the order and the police officer began chasing him on foot. At some point, Addesa stopped when he was some distance ahead of Holey and turned around to face him with a knife in hand. Holey ordered Addesa to drop the knife but, according to the authorities, the suspect ignored the order and kept advancing toward the police officer. It was at this point that Holey shot him in the chest.

The family’s Massachusetts wrongful death lawsuit is accusing Holey of failing to employ alternative approaches when dealing with Addesa that didn’t have to result in his shooting death. Other measures could have included Inflicting a gunshot wound that didn’t have to be fatal, calling for police backup, or abandoning the pursuit at that time and waiting to make an arrest later.

Following the shooting, Holey, who has been with the police department for 14 years, was placed on administrative leave while an investigation was conducted. The District Attorney’s Office found that the police shooting was justified.

Massachusetts Police Brutality
If you believe that police used excessive force when apprehending you or someone you love and that their actions caused injury or death, you may have grounds for filing a Masachusetts police brutality complaint. Even if prosecutors decide not to charge the officer involved in your case, you may still be able to obtain Massachusetts personal injury recovery in civil court.

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