Family of Teen Girl Who Committed Suicide Following Sexual Assault and Cyberbullying, Intends to File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Her Alleged Teen Assailants

The family of Audrie Pott says that they will file a wrongful death lawsuit against her alleged assailants. The 15-year-old killed herself after the three 16-year-old boys allegedly sexually assaulted her at a Labor Day coed overnight party last year and then circulated a photo of the incident via text message, making her the target of cyberbullying. She hanged herself several days later. Her loved ones say that she was unconscious while she was being raped and didn’t know what happened until she saw the picture.

According to the family’s lawyer, her alleged assailants even drew and wrote words on her private parts. They plan to sue the parents that own the home where the unsupervised sleepover occurred. Meantime, they have already filed a negligence claim against the Los Gatos-Saratoga Union High School District, blaming it for negligence.

Their attorney tells that in Spring 2012, Pott complained about being bullied to the school but that did not document her statements. The school also had determined, soon after her death, that bullying had not been a factor leading to her suicide. The negligence claim opens the doorway to a wrongful death lawsuit later.

Meantime, Pott’s alleged assailants have been charged with disseminating child pornography, possessing child porn, sexual battery, and sexual assault.

Sexual Assault and Cyber Bullying
If you or someone you love was the victim of sexual assault, you may have reason for a Boston injury lawsuit against your attacker or others that were indirectly involved in the crime, such as the property owner where the rape happened or others that could/should have prevented the incident form happening.

Unfortunately, while cyberbullying is a “virtual” experience, it can cause serious harm and to the victim, its effects are very real. One need only look to the suicide of South Hadley High School student Phoebe Prince, who killed herself after she was harassed both in person and online by other students. Criminal charges against them were also filed.

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