Fighting Massachusetts Nursing Home Negligence: Patient Advocates Want the State to Only Allow Properly Trained Facilities to Provide Care for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Patients

This week, patient advocates went to the State House to press lawmakers into backing a proposed law that mandate that the Massachusetts Department of Public Health set up minimum standards for assisted living facilities with dementia care units. This would include requiring all nursing homes that care for patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s provide dementia-specific training for supervisors, direct-care workers, and activities directors. Activities designed specifically for dementia patients would also be required.

Considering that over half or Massachusetts nursing home patients have dementia, it is important that the workers and staff that provide them with care understand their special needs. However, although similar legislation has been proposed over the last several years, no law has been put in place. In 2005, 44 other states already had specific requirements about staff training and security at facilities that provide specialized dementia care.

Not only do dementia patients have specific symptoms and needs for care, but as their condition progresses they continue to become easy targets for Boston nursing home abuse and neglect. Many dementia patients are suffering from severe and permanent memory loss. They may have trouble remembering people, places, and events, find it difficult to perform routine tasks without help, experience problems communicating, and suffer from other challenges.

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