Fire in Downtown Crossing MBTA Station

There was a fire in the Downtown Crossing MBTA station Saturday night that caused evacuations. It started around the wheel and firefighters extinguished it and cleared the scene. There are no reported injuries as of yet.

Many times when there are fires, injuries can be less apparent. For example, smoke inhalation can make people sick, but the effects might not be seen immediately. Other injuries like burns tend to be more obvious.

The risk of injury on the MBTA is always at hand, whether you use it daily or only once in a while. MBTA injuries can occur for a variety of reasons, including unsafe conditions on the premises. Such injuries can be serious, and they can also create financial burdens on you and your family. Depending on the circumstances, those injured might be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, damage to property, pain and suffering, and more.

If you or someone you know has been injured and you suspect that the MBTA might be responsible, call the personal injury lawyers of Altman & Altman LLP. We can help you resolve your claim and help you to assess the extent of your injury, process a settlement, or if necessary, represent you at trial.

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The Boston Globe: Downtown Crossing fire briefly interrupts Orange Line service

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