Former New England Patriots Player Aaron Hernandez to Take the Stand in Massachusetts Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The family of Odin Lloyd has re-filed her Massachusetts wrongful death case against former New England Patriot and now convicted murder Aaron Hernandez. A Fall River jury convicted the ex-pro tight end, 25, of Lloyd’s murder earlier this month. Hernandez is serving a lifetime prison term without parole.

At the time of the murder, Lloyd, 27, was dating the sister of Hernandez’s fiancé. In 2013, Lloyd was shot several times and left in a deserted industrial park close to Hernandez’s North Attleborough home. Police found a key to a vehicle that the pro football player had rented in Lloyd’s pocket. Following his arrest, the Patriots cut ties with Hernandez.

Prosecutors suggested that Lloyd was killed because he knew too much about the football player’s alleged involvement in a fatal 2012 drive-by shooting. Meantime, the defense argued that Hernandez’s celebrity had led investigators to focus on him. They also said that a shoddy probe had taken place in a rush to wrap up the investigation.

If someone you love was murdered, you may be able to file a Boston wrongful death case seeking civil damages. The outcome of your complaint is unrelated to any criminal case over the same matter. For example, even if someone isn’t found criminally liable or no criminal charges are brought, it still may be possible to sue for and get compensation. Your best chances will involve retaining the services of an experienced Massachusetts personal injury law firm.

The Lloyd family’s wrongful death case had been put on hold until the criminal case was resolved. In a civil case he won’t be allowed to claim his Fifth Amendment right against self-recrimination. The plaintiffs want compensatory and punitive damages.

Also, the burden of proof is lower in a civil lawsuit. With criminal cases, convictions must be beyond a reasonable doubt. With civil cases, there just must be a preponderance of evidence proving that incident in question more than likely occurred as one side or the other has argued.

Hernandez is also slated to go on criminal trial for the homicides of Safiro Furtado and Daniel de Abreu, who were killed in the drive-by shooting. He has pleaded not guilty.

Their families are pursuing Boston wrongful death cases. Meantime, a man who claims that Hernandez shot him in the face is suing him for personal injury.

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