Former Student Files $1 Million Massachusetts Sex Abuse Lawsuit Against Cambridge Private School

A former Buckingham Browne & Nichols student is suing the Cambridge, Massachusetts private school for the sexual abuse he says he suffered during the 80’s at the hands of an ex-English teacher. The man that Daniel Weinreib is accusing of abusing him, Edward Washburn, is now a convicted pedophile. He taught at the school for over two decades.

In his Massachusetts sexual abuse lawsuit, Weinreib, who graduated from the school in 1989, claims that Washburn sexually abused him from 1983 to 1985. He is seeking $1 million from the Cambridge school for personal damages and stress related to the abuse incidents that he maintains could have been prevented.

Last October, Head of School Rebecca Upham issued a public apology for the school’s failure to respond appropriately to Washburn’s actions. Weinreib, however, says that BB & N has failed to do enough to put into place preventative measures that would prevent future sex abuse incidents from happening.

Washburn reportedly would make friends with young students in the 80’s and take them to his house in Lexington where he would exhibit pornographic materials and encourage them to engage in sexual acts in front of him. The former English teacher has admitted to engaging in inappropriate sexual conduct with children. He was given a suspended in 1987 after pleading guilty to molesting two boys, and he only had to do community service for the Massachusetts sex abuse crimes.

The Cambridge, Massachusetts private school had to pay a $70,000 settlement because it broke the law by not immediately telling police about Washburn’s abusive acts. Recently, Upham acknowledged that another former teacher, Andrew Goldman, was convicted of two counts of sending pornography to a minor in 2007. A spokesperson for BB & N disagrees with Weinreib’s claims that the school hasn’t taken appropriate steps to prevent more incidents of sexual abuse from occurring.

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