Framingham Woman Dies A Day After Undergoing Breast Augmentation Procedure

A Framingham woman who underwent breast augmentation surgery right before her 40th birthday has died. Adriana Paula Da Silva Toledo, who was a single mom, leaves behind three children.

Da Silva Toledo, a south side housekeeper, had the 90-minute operation done at the Destination Beauty MedSpa in Framingham on Saturday. The next afternoon, she became dizzy, fell in her parents’ bathroom, and struck her head. She died later that day. Although autopsy results are still pending, her parents have retained a Boston injury lawyer in the event that Massachusetts cosmetic surgery was a factor.

Da Silva Toledo is a Brazilian native. According to her sister-in-law, the doctor who heads up the medical spa is popular in the Brazilian community. The spa’s website warns that patients who undergo breast augmentations may feel tired on day one and should stay home.

If the breast augmentation procedure was a factor in Da Silva Toledo’s death, her family may have grounds for a Framingham cosmetic surgery malpractice lawsuit.

Massachusetts Plastic Surgery Malpractice

Like any other type of operation, plastic surgery comes with certain risks. It is the responsibility of the plastic surgeon and the other medical professionals involved with the procedure to make sure that no errors occur that could cause serious injury, disfigurement or death. In addition to the usual risks of anesthesia complications, adverse reaction to medications, wrong-site procedures, blood clots, or infection that come with an operation, plastic surgery complications can include (depending on the procedure and where on the body it is performed):

• Disfigurement • Over-correction • Under-correction • Nerve damage • Asymmetry • Scarring • Wrong size implants • Breast implant deflation, leakage, or rupture • Encapsulation • Loss of breast skin cover • Change in nipple sensation • Rippling • Loss of nipple cover • Dry eyes • Too much skin removal • Lidocaine overdose • Burning
• Blistering • Pulmonary embolism
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