General Motors Recalls Affect More than 180,000 Vehicles

General Motors Co.’s Cadillac division is recalling approximately 95,927 CTS sports sedans in its 2005, 2006, and 2007 model lines to repair a possible problem with the sensing system in the frontal passenger seats. The sensing mat is supposed to detect the relative weight of the passenger, control airbag deployment, and give warning when a briefcase or heavy handbag is on the seat. However, with some of the vehicles, flexing the mat repeatedly can cause it to bend, kink, or fold. This can break the mat’s electrical connections and cause the sensor to fail and possibly disable the air bag, which can prove fatal during a catastrophic Boston car accident.

GM is also recalling more than 97,000 2011 model vehicles because of a problem with the safety belt buckle anchor on the front seats. Breakage close to the seat attachment can occur during a car crash, which can result in serious injuries. Local GM dealers will inspect the seat belts for free. GMC Terrain vehicles, Cadillac SRXs, and Chevrolet Equinox autos are affected by the recall.

Meantime, the US government is looking at whether about 384,000 Saturn ION compact cars should have been part of an earlier recall. That recall involved over 1 million GM vehicles over a power steering issue. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it has received hundreds of complaints over this issue that has, in some instances, resulted in traffic collisions.

While recalls are positive in that potential safety hazards are remedied before they cause serious Boston injury or wrongful death, many recalls aren’t made until after auto collisions have already occurred. There are also vehicles with safety defects that never end up being part of a recall and continue to pose a serious hazard to passenger occupants and others on the road. Our Boston products liability lawyers want to remind you that if you believe that an auto defect or malfunction caused your Massachusetts car crash, you may be able to hold a negligent manufacturer liable.

According to The Detroit News, there were about 600 recall campaigns involving over 19 million vehicles this year. About 7 million of the autos in 18 campaigns belonged to Toyota alone.

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