Injury Prevention at Fenway – Red Sox Take Action to Protect Fans

Following an incident at Fenway Park this summer, in which a fan was seriously injured by a foul ball, Major League Baseball has recommended that all 30 clubs enhance fan safety at games. One of their recommendations is to install safety netting that provides greater coverage. Specifically, MLB suggests that netting should shield field-level seats within 70 feet of home plate and those that are near both dugouts.

Fans Should Pay Attention During Each At-Bat

Fenway Park is taking action. In a recent statement, the team said, “The Red Sox take matters of fan safety very seriously and intend to follow the recommendations put forth by Major League Baseball by expanding the backstop netting behind home plate for the 2016 season.” The Red Sox have already begun contacting ticket holders most impacted by the changes. In addition to the installation of fuller-coverage netting, MLB is also asking clubs to adequately warn fans about the inherent dangers of batted balls and bats flying into the stands. They encourage fans to always be aware of their surroundings, and to pay attention during each at-bat.

Injured Fans Approve Fenway’s Installation of Improved Safety Netting

In a statement from Stephanie Wapenski, the Red Sox fan who was injured over the summer, she announced her approval of Fenway’s move toward a safer ball park. “To know that they’re – right now in December – already taking steps, I’m proud, I’m impressed and I’m glad for the Red Sox.” she went on to say, “It’s a smart move. Don’t wait until there’s a worse injury.”

Wapenski wasn’t the only injured fan this year. Tonya Carpenter was also seriously injured when a broken piece of a bat from Oakland’s Brett Lawrie hit her. Her lawyer issued the following statement in response to the installation of Fenway’s new netting. “To the extent that the catastrophe was a stimulus to provide additional netting, at least something good will have come out of her injuries and suffering.”

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