Keep Your Massachusetts Teen Driver Safe Behind the Wheel

As parents, we fear for the safety and well-being of our children every day. When teen-age children approach driving age, that fear increases substantially. Considering that young people are more likely to die in a car crash than from any other illness or injury, this fear is certainly understandable. However, with proper education, practice, and through the modeling of good driving behaviors, you can dramatically reduce your teen driver’s risk of being seriously injured or killed in an auto accident. Contact a Boston Injury Lawyer Today.

Teen Driving Statistics

Motor Vehicle Accidents are the #1 Cause of Teen Death in the U.S. – The good news is that the majority of these deaths are largely preventable. Teen crashes are typically the result of inexperience, reckless behavior, and inadequate driver-education.

In 2013, 2,163 U.S. Teens Were Killed, and 243,243 Teens Were Injured in Crashes – This equates to six teens every day that year. The most at risk age group is young people between the ages of 16 and 19.

Teens Three Times More Likely to be Killed in a Motor Vehicle Accident – Young drivers account for approximately 12% of fatal auto crashes. In 2013, about 17% of fatal teen crashes involved a blood alcohol level of at least .08%.

Male Teens Much More at Risk Than Female Teens – In 2013, males were involved in nearly twice as many car accidents than their female counterparts. In a recent study of teen male drivers involved in fatal accidents, 35% were using excessive speed and 25% had consumed alcohol. Teen males are more likely to engage in reckless behavior, such as driving under the influence, speeding, and driving aggressively.

Having a Teen Passenger Increases the Risk – Teen drivers are more at risk of having an accident when they have a teen passenger, and this risk increases with the number of passengers. This is likely because teens are more inclined to ‘show off’ when they have passengers than when they are driving alone.

Over Half of All Fatal Teen Crashes Occur at Night and On Weekends – In 2013, over 50% of teen motor vehicle fatalities occurred on weekend evenings, between the hours of 3 and midnight.

Teens Have the Lowest Rate of Seatbelt Use – Only about half of high school students report always wearing a seatbelt when riding with another teen driver or passenger.

Teens are More Likely to Underestimate Risks – For example, a seasoned driver is more likely to drive slowly on wet roads because he or she has experienced hydroplaning in the past. Without similar experiences, teens tend to feel invincible. Once an accident occurs, a teen is more likely to take precautionary measures in the future. But waiting for an accident to occur is certainly not the safest way to teach good driving habits.

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