Marlborough Worker’s Widow to Receive $1.2 Million for Massachusetts Wrongful Death

The widow of a worker who died after he was crushed by 2,500 pounds of granite has settled her Massachusetts wrongful death lawsuit with a company for $1.2 million. As part of the agreement, the name of the company that settled the lawsuit will remain confidential.

Valdecir Rodrigues died after a number of granite slabs fell on him, crushing his chest and suffocating him during a work accident on October 3, 2005.The 38-year-old died from his injuries.

Valdecir had been employed at ASI Industries, LLC when the accident occurred. Another company, Atlantic Stone Industries LLC, had retained a safety expert to train and oversee ASI’s workers but did not pay him. The two companies are no longer in business, but Elisabete Rodrigues received $675,000 in workers’ compensation benefits for her husband’s death.

The wrongful death settlement report says that ASI did not have any training manuals and failed to conduct safety meetings. The company also is accused of failing to put in place the proper safety mechanisms. Meantime, employees, who were not trained, were expected to show new workers how to do their jobs.

Prior to Valdecir’s death, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration had cited ASI for numerous health violations. Following his death, a federal investigation discovered 15 serious safety and health violations at ASI, including the improper training for how to work with granite slabs and the improper storage of the slabs.

Elisabete’s Massachusetts wrongful death lawyers say Valdecir’s death could have been prevented if proper regulations had been implemented. They say that unfortunately, many immigrants who are unfamiliar with their rights as workers are hired to do dangerous jobs.

Storing, Unloading, Handling, and Transporting Stone, Marble, and Granite Slabs
Working with granite, stone, or marble slabs can result in serious injuries or death, which is why it is important that the proper safety precautions are in place to minimize any dangers. Workers must also be trained on how to work with the heavy slabs.

Widow of worker killed by granite slab settles for $1.2 million, Metrowest Daily News, November 23, 2008
Hazards of Transporting, Unloading, Storing and Handling Granite,
Marble and Stone Slabs
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If you or someone you love was seriously injured in a work accident involving a granite, marble, or stone slab, you may be entitled to Massachusetts workers’ compensation benefits. You also may be able to file a personal injury claim or wrongful death lawsuit against any liable third parties.

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