Marshfield Man Dies in Massachusetts Bicycle Accident

A Marshfield man died on Wednesday morning when he was injured in a Massachusetts bicycle accident near Green Harbor Marina. The collision happened around 10:30 am when a woman driving a sedan hit him. The bicyclist, who was in his late 60’s, was not wearing a helmet.

According to Marshfield police, the bicyclist sustained massive head injuries. Cliff Woodward, a retired firefighter who worked at a nearby shop, said that the bicyclist was on the road and bleeding from the mouth and head. Police are investigating the Marshfield bicycle crash.

Bicycle Accidents
If you were injured in a Boston bicycle accident, a Cambridge bicycle crash, or a bicycle collision in another Massachusetts city, you may be entitled to receive personal injury compensation from a negligent driver or another responsible party.

Bicycle collisions can lead to serious injuries for a bicyclist, who, at the most, will likely only have a helmet and protective clothing to cushion the impact of colliding with a truck, a bus, a motorcycle, or a car.

Common Causes of Boston Bicycle Accidents:

• Driver error or negligence • Bicyclist error • Drunk driving • Poorly designed roads
Earlier this month, a 10-year-old Worcester bicyclist died when he was injured in a traffic crash involving a pickup truck. Police say the truck driver unsuccessfully tried to avoid the boy, who was coming down a driveway.

The boy, Jovannie Melendez, was bleeding heavily when emergency responders arrived at the accident scene to perform CPR.

On August 1, a 21-year-old bicyclist sustained life-threatening injuries in a Jamaica Plain traffic accident. The driver was turning onto Lamartine Street late at night when he says he felt and heard something hit the passenger side of his vehicle. He says he got out of the vehicle and saw there was an unconscious bicyclist on the ground.

With more people riding bicycles on Massachusetts roads in an attempt to be more environmentally conscious and/or save money, it is important that riders and drivers remember that they share the roads with one another.

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