Atlantic Union College Choir Director Settles Massachusetts Sex Abuse Lawsuit

A well-known Massachusetts retired music professor has reached a settlement agreement with five plaintiffs-four students and a consultant-that sued him for sexual abuse. Former Atlantic Union College choir director Francisco de Araujo reportedly settled the case through mediation.

The lawsuit, filed in Worcester Superior Court in January, named de Araujo, Atlantic Union College, and Atlantic Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Board of Trustees Head Donald G. King, and former AUC President George Babcock as defendants in the case. Mr. De Araujo is internationally recognized for his musical performances and choral direction and is called “Maestro.”

The lawsuit accuses him of sexual abuse and inappropriately touching the plaintiffs. The suit also alleges that the college knew that the former music professor had a history of sexually predatory behavior but either ignored complaints or got rid of the men that did complain. The plaintiffs are also accusing AUC of firing workers that opposed the abuse and participating in libel and slander against the students that accused Araujo of abuse. One student claims he lost his scholarship after he denied Araujo’s sexual advances. Araujo, who retired in 2007, denies the accusations.

While the criminal process can hold a perpetrator accountable by charging him or her with committing a crime, this will not compensate an abuse victim for injuries, pain and suffering, mental and emotional trauma, and the financial costs that come with suffering such serious harm. A good Massachusetts sex abuse law firm can help you recover the compensation you are owed.

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