MBTA Bus Collides with Bicyclist in Salem, MA

A bicyclist was seriously injured and transported to MGH after he collided with an MBTA bus around 7:20am at the intersection of Federal and Washington Streets in Salem (near Salem District Court). According to reports, the bicyclist was a 47-year-old male from Salem, and he apparently collided with the right front side of a Route 455 bus. It is unclear exactly how the accident occurred, but the Salem News reports that the cyclists was not wearing a helmet and was wearing headphones. It is currently under investigation by the Salem police.

Collisions with cars are perhaps the most dangerous-and deadly-form of bicycle accidents. Sharing the road with drivers requires incredible diligence on behalf of both drivers and cyclists. Although Boston has increased the number of bike lanes within the city itself, as several communities in the Greater Boston area have done as well, bicyclists still frequently share the streets with drivers.

Note that Massachusetts law only requires individuals age 16 and under to wear helmets, although bicyclists of all ages are advised to wear helmets.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bike accident in Massachusetts, it is crucial to seek immediate medical attention to determine the proper care, and then contact an experienced MA personal injury attorney to determine whether you should receive compensation for your injuries.

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