MBTA Subway Trolleys Collide in Dorchester: Passengers Injured

An Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority subway trolley collision this morning, injured a reported seven passengers according to WCVB.com and Boston.com.

The accident occurred around 6:40 Wednesday morning on the Mattapan line in Dorchester just outside of the Butler Street station, as the trolleys were en route toward Ashmont. An out-of-service trolley car, luckily carrying no passengers at the time, apparently hit another trolley, which was carrying passengers, an MBTA spokesperson told reporters.

The spokesman also stated that there were at least seven people who were injured in the collision; several reported experiencing some back pain, as well as minor bumps and bruises. Two of the injured individuals included trolley operators.

Public transportation, including modes like trains, subways, buses and boats are, for the most part, safe modes of traveling. But like with any form of traveling though, there is always a risk of injury. In addition to those injuries that occur as the result of a travel accident, injuries may also be sustained because of unsafe conditions at MBTA premises. Unsafe conditions may arise for a number of reasons and at various locations including: inside buses or trains (while not in motion), on station platforms, stairs, doors, elevators, stairwells, egresses, entryways and exits. Whatever the specific details of why the accident occurred, if the incident took place as the result of unsafe conditions that were avoidable, MBTA may be liable for any injuries a victim may have sustained.

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