Measure Would Give Victims of Massachusetts Sex Abuse Lawsuits Until Age 55 to Sue for Personal Injury

A measure is being proposed that would raise the statute of limitations for victims of Massachusetts child sex abuse so that they would have until age 55 to sue for personal injury damages. Currently, most victims in the state have only until they turn 21 to file a civil case-save for an exception to the law that lets older people sue an alleged abuser if the sex abuse lawsuit is submitted within three years of when the victim first discovered that he/she was molested.

While some are questioning whether allowing for a child sex abuse case after so much time has passed could weigh unfairly against those accused-by this point memories might be vaguer and there may not be as many witnesses-other believe that giving victims more time to sue is in their best interests. If you were the victim of Massachusetts sexual abuse, please contact our Boston sexual assault law firm to request your free case assessment.

Child Sex Abuse
Sexual abuse can leave a victim with lasting trauma. Some may not remember the incident for years or they may be too terrified to speak out. It can literally take some people a lifetime to process enough of their pain and suffering so that they can actually take action or even tell anyone what happened to them. Some may even need a lot of counseling first.

In some sex cases, accusing the alleged abuser can be tough, especially when he/she and the victim had a close relationship. There even may be the fear that more people will get hurt if the abuse becomes known.

You want to work with a Boston sexual abuse law firm that understands the nature of your emotional and psychological injuries, as well as the impact this is having on your personal relationships, career, health, and well-being. At Altman & Altman, LLP, our Massachusetts injury lawyers are aware of the delicacy surrounding this matter even as we work hard to make sure you recover the compensation that you are owed.

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Understanding Child Sex Abuse
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