Mother of Medford Cheerleader Sues Tewskbury Gym for Wrongful Death in Massachusetts

A Medford mother is suing East Elite Cheer Gym for her daughter’s 2005 wrongful death. Ashley Burns, then 14, died from a lacerated spleen after she fell during a routine cheerleading stunt at the gym.

Ashley was taking cheerleading lessons at the gym, along with other members of the Medford High School cheerleading team when the accident happened. According to Ruth Burns’s Massachusetts wrongful death lawsuit, filed in Middlesex Superior Court, her daughter fell while attempting to perform a double twist dismount while being “popped up” by two other cheerleaders.

Ashley was Ruth’s only child. Ruth says that she continues to take medication and is unable to work because of Ashley’s death.

Also named as defendants in the wrongful death lawsuit are the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators and the US All Star Federation for Cheer and Dance Teams. Ruth Burns says she hopes her daughter’s death and the wrongful death lawsuit will result in new nationwide cheerleading safety standards that will prevent more injuries and deaths. Her Medford wrongful death lawyer accused the cheerleading industry of placing the lives of cheerleaders at risk for profit.

Sporting Accidents
If you or someone you love was injured in a sporting accident because the trainer, coach, or supervisor failed to provide proper supervision or implement the proper safety measures, you and your family may be able to file a Massachusetts personal injury lawsuit against all negligent parties to obtain compensation.

Common sporting injuries include:

• Head injuries • Traumatic brain injuries • Broken bones • Knee injuries • Sprains • Strains • Fractures
Ruptured Spleen
A ruptured spleen can occur when there is a blow to the left lower chest or upper abdomen. Common causes of ruptured spleens include physical assaults, motor vehicle crashes, and sporting accidents. A ruptured spleen can be fatal if the patient experiences life-threatening bleeding as a result of the injury.

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