Multiple MBTA Accidents Occur at Cambridge and Boston Stations

The MBTA provides a way to get around for those who want to take public transportation to get to almost any part of the state. Residents in Boston often prefer this type of commute because of the heavy congestion associated with driving. However, with accidents and dangerous activities occurring on the lines lately, residents might be wondering if they better off taking a chance in their own vehicles.

MBTA Train Deaths

Two accidents that occurred recently on the MBTA train tracks took the lives of two young adults. Last Wednesday night, a man was struck and killed by a commuter train in Boston. Police have yet to identify this man or the circumstances surrounding the incident. The man is believed to be 21-year old from Roslindale. The death still remains under investigation at the Forest Hills Station, where the man met his untimely devise at 9:45 that night by an oncoming train. The train immediately discontinued service and passengers from this train were transported via a shuttle bus. The train continued regular service the day after. Another man, who was 19 years of age, was also killed by a train in Salem the night after by Ocean Avenue and Broadway Street. This incident also remains under investigation, but transit police believes that “alcohol may have been a contributing factor in this incident.”

Woman Falls on Tracks

A 54-year old woman, Tamara Woodward, who was waiting for the train at Kendall Square ‘T’ Station in Cambridge proved to be more fortunate than the men discussed above. On Sunday night, this Minnesota tourist was talking to her friends when she mistakenly backed off of the platform and fell onto the tracks. She appeared to be unconscious. Her husband, along with several other passengers, jumped to her rescue. She was then helped off of the tracks and then back onto the platform, where she later regained consciousness. She was “taken to the hospital for minor neck and back pain after the fall.” She was fortunate that there were no trains approaching and that she had not touched the deadly third rail.

Be Careful When You Ride

As we approach the winter season, it is important for us to be aware of the icy conditions that may be present on platforms and be more careful around the commuter rail trains. These trains operate at high speeds and often are not able to stop in time if someone is on the tracks. Although the incident described above had a happy ending, many incidents involving the MBTA trains lead to the unfortunate deaths of passengers as described above. The attorneys at Altman & Altman, LLP have seen numerous accidents throughout the years that could have been easily avoided and want you to be safe this holiday season. Therefore, please err on the side of caution when taking public transportation or even if you decide to drive to your destination.


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