New Bedford Dog Attack Involving Three Pit Bulls Leaves UMass Dartmouth Student with Serious Facial Injuries

Police are investigating a New Bedford dog attack on Friday that left a 22-year-old UMass Dartmouth student with serious injuries. WPRI reports that the man was walking close to Country and Robeson Streets in the evening when three pit bulls came out of a residence and mauled him.

According to witnesses, they jumped on the man, biting him all over his body. A number of people tried to rescue him, while drivers blasted their horns to scare the dogs away.

The student was transported to Saint Luke’s Hospital for treatment. He will likely have to undergo facial reconstructive surgery.

In other recent Massachusetts dog bite news, Lex Lizotte, a 5-year-old boy and his babysitter Karen Bruno O’Leary, 38,were injured when her bulldog attacked them in Lakeville. O’Leary reportedly held her dog, which kept biting her, until police arrived. They shot the animal nine times. Neighbors have said that dog has never a problem in the past.

Lizotte had to be flown to Boston Children’s Hospital where he underwent four hours of surgery for treatment of his injuries. O’Leary sustained serious facial and arm injuries from the Massachusetts dog attack.

Boston Dog Attacks
Dog owners can be held liable for dog bite injuries sustained by a victim. Common dog bite injuries include bite marks, open wounds, puncture wounds, rabies, nerve damage, organ damage, facial injuries, infection, and disfigurement. These injuries can be extremely painful, disfiguring, and traumatic. They may require costly surgeries to remedy and victims can be left scarred and disfigured for life. Kids and the elderly are especially susceptible to serious Massachusetts dog bite injuries. A person who is attacked by a dog may developed a fear of dogs, which can impede his/her ability to live a normal life. A dog owner does not have to be negligent in order be held liable for your Massachusetts dog bite injuries.

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