New England Patriots’ Aaron Hernandez Sued for Personal Injury in Man’s Shooting

Aaron Hernandez, the New England Patriots tight end, is the defendant of a personal injury lawsuit accusing him of shooting a man in the face at a strip club out of state. The altercation purportedly took place in February 2013 while the two men were riding the same vehicle after visiting the club.

The plaintiff, Alexander Bradley, claims that Hernandez aimed the weapon at him and it went off. As a result, Bradley says, he lost on eye, required facial reconstructive surgery, and sustained damage to his right arm and hand. He contends that Hernandez wasn’t licensed to carry the gun. Bradley is seeking over $100,000.

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Meantime, Hernandez could be facing more legal troubles. The body of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd was discovered near his home earlier this week in North Attleboro. Police secured a warrant to search the football player’s home after a rental car registered to him was connected to the murder. According to Boston’s Fox 25 news, an anonymous source says that forensic evidence linked a car driven by Hernandez to the crime scene and that he and Odin were together at a bar on the night that the latter died.

ABC News says that a security system in the NFL player’s home that includes video surveillance has been destroyed, as has a cell phone that has since been given police. Sports Illustrated CNN says that Hernandez will likely be arrested.

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