New Study Affirms that Driver Errors Increase With Age

Over the years, our Boston injury lawyers have written about Massachusetts car crashes caused by elderly seniors, as well as reported on concerns that advanced age may make driver error more likely. While there are many elderly seniors that continue to be excellent drivers, statistics show that the traffic crash rate noticeably goes up among drivers ages 75 and over. Now, here is information about a new study by researchers in Australia that once again reports that the number of driver errors do go up with age. The study can be found in the journal Neuropsychology.

The study’s authors gave a battery of cognitive tests to 266 independent elderly seniors, ages 70 to 88.They also had them take a 12-mile drive through Brisbane in a dual break car. A professional driving teacher accompanied them, as did an occupational therapist.

Common driving mistakes made during the practical test:
• Failure to check blind spots • Attempting to turn from the wrong lane • Veering from their lane • Not signaling
There were points during the practical part of the study when the driving instructor had to step on the auxiliary brakes or grab the steering wheel to avoid crashing. Drivers over age 85 averaged nearly four critical mistakes during the drive, which lasted almost an hour. Reasons for such driving mistakes include slower reaction times, a decreased ability to multi-task, a harder time absorbing and processing complex data within a limited time, brain function decline, and the loss of some ability to know what to pay attention to and what to ignore.

Boston Car Accident Cases
Driver errors can occur at any age and the results for the motorist and others involved in a Boston car accident can prove catastrophic. Traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, internal bleeding, organ damage, and crushed bones are just some of the serious injuries that can occur. You may able to hold the negligent motorist liable.

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