Newton, Massachusetts Bus Accidents Sends 34 Kids With Minor Injuries to Hospitals

According to State Police, at least 34 Massachusetts middle school kids who sustained minor injuries in a Newton bus accident were sent to local hospitals today. Neck pain, head pain, and back pain, were among the complaints raised by some of the children, while others suffered bumps and bruises.

The bus collision was a three-vehicle accident that occurred early in the morning. Even though the incident is still under investigation, police say it appears that the bus rear-ended another auto that was stopped at a traffic light, propelling that motor vehicle into another stopped vehicle.

Rear-End Crashes A rear-end accident can result in injuries for everyone involved. Often, it is those in the car that is rear ended who will experience the brunt of impact and potentially suffer from soft tissue injuries, whiplash, disc damage, carpal tunnel injuries, knee injuries, ankle injuries, traumatic brain injury, head injury, and burns. That said, those in the vehicle that that did the rear-ending are not immune from getting hurt-especially if the auto was moving at a fast speed and was forced to abruptly stop by slamming into the car in front of it.

Although usually it is the driver of the car that struck the other vehicle from the rear that is deemed at fault (distracted driving, failure to stop, not keeping enough of a distance from the car in front of it so that there isn’t enough time/space to safely stop, and failure to slow down) there are also instances when the other driver may be at fault, such as when he/she is illegally stopped on the road, halts the vehicle abruptly without warning or reason, or accidentally reverses the car into the vehicle behind it.

Bus Accidents Bus drivers are supposed to exercise an extra duty of care when operating such a large vehicle occupied by people that usually aren’t wearing seat belts. Injuries in a Boston bus crash can be painful, serious, and traumatic. There may be more than one liable party, such as the driver, the bus company, the entity that runs/maintains/uses the buses, and others.

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