N.H. Fireworks Blast Injures 9

An explosion at a Pelham, N.H. home Tuesday night injured 9 people, including 3 children, according to police and neighbors. As a result of the “large amount of fireworks located in and around the home,” the house caught fire and subsequently ignited the fireworks inside. The initial report said that “the house was filled with smoke,” and neighbors reported seeing red, white and blue flames, as well as black smoke.

The house caught fire around 7:30 p.m. and was extinguished shortly thereafter, at which point the nine victims were transported to nearby hospitals. As of Tuesday night, their conditions were still unknown, but they range in age from infant to adult. Neighbors said that the family has put on a fireworks display every year for the past ten years without incident.

According to Pelham Fire Lieutenant Greg Atwood, at least six fire trucks, four ambulances and two medical helicopters responded to the fire, which helped in putting it out quickly. However, Atwood said he did not know how the fireworks initially ignited. The majority of the damage to the house was limited to the rear, and it did not appear to be a total loss. The fire remains under investigation by authorities.

Nine people injured, including two children, in N.H. fireworks blast, police say, Boston.com, July 4, 2012

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