Nine People Injured In Massachusetts When Two Green Line Trains Collide

Nine people were hurt in Boston, Massachusetts on Thursday after one Green line train rear-ended another trolley on Thursday. All nine people were transported to the hospital for medical care. Two of the victims were taken away in stretchers.

The train accident took place at a Boston platform at the Boylston Street station where one train came in and rear-ended another train parked there. One of the train cars was derailed.

Two of the injured victims were trolley operators. An MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) Green line employee was also among the injured. All nine people complained of neck and head pains.

Investigators are trying to determine the cause of the train crash.

Train Accident Statistics:

The Federal Highway Administration says that at least one train accident takes place somewhere in the United States every two hours. Over 2,700 train collisions occurred in the US in 1999, with 900 fatalities resulting.

Train operators are required to exercise a duty of care when transporting passengers. That’s because a train is a common carrier. Like buses, cruise ships, trucking companies, and airlines, trains must make sure that all passengers arrive at their destinations safely-failure to do so can leave the common carrier and common carrier company liable.

When someone is injured in a train crash because of the negligence of the train operator or because of a train malfunction, the injured party may have grounds to file a personal injury claim or lawsuit against the train operator, the train company, or any other parties that are deemed liable.

Common causes of train accidents:

• Train derailment • Train collision involving more than one train • Mechanical failure • Faulty train signals • Mechanical failure • Conductor or operator negligence • Driver fatigue
Nine hurt in Green Line collision, Boston, December 14, 2007
Riders hurt in Green Line accident,, December 13, 2007
Train Accidents Overview,
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