Patient Dies at Lowell Rehabilitation Center- Could This Have Been Prevented?

An altercation at a Lowell rehabilitation center has resulted in the death of one of the patients that had been admitted there. The direct circumstances surrounding the matter are still under investigation by the local police department and prosecutors assigned to the case. According to preliminary reports provided for the search into what took place, police have found that two patients had engaged in a shoving match that led to the injuries that one of the patients eventually succumbed to. The other patient was not reported to have suffered any injuries from the quarrel.

The Lowell police were called on Sunday to the Lowell Health Care Center, which is located at 19 Varnum Street in Lowell’s Centralville neighborhood, in response to the incident and were informed of the injured party. The patient who has since passed away has been identified as 56 year old Anthony Mazzurco. Mazzurco reportedly fell and hit his head on the floor during the confrontation and ensuing shoving match. After police arrived on scene, Mazzurco was initially transported to the nearby Lowell General Hospital/Saints Campus. However, he was transported to Tufts Medical Center sometime following his admission at Lowell General Hospital/Saints Campus, and was subsequently pronounced dead at Tufts Medical Center on Sunday night. The extent and severity of his injuries was not made immediately available.

No charges have been filed yet against the additional patient involved in the incident—therefore his name is not being announced publicly. Since the investigation into the confrontation is still active however, there is no definitive word yet on whether or not this will continue to be the case.

The website for the facility where the dispute unfolded,  Lowell Health Care Center, which is operated by HealthBridge Management, says that it is a 116 bed facility that offers treatment for individuals that are suffering from various brain injuries and neurological disorders, as well as other diseases such as Huntington’s disease. It was not made apparent what either patient was being treated for.

Initial reports offered for the investigation did not indicate if the two patients had any type of negative history prior to this event taking place. It was not made evident either by Lowell police officers or employees of the Lowell Health Care Center what exactly led to the altercation unfolding at the treatment center.

A spokeswoman for the Middlesex District Attorney’s office for Marian Ryan, whose name is Jacquelyn Goddard, has stated that investigators from the DA’s office are also looking into the death of Anthony Mazzurco. In an email provided by Goddard, she has said that the incident “involved pushing and shoving and then resulted in Mazzurco falling to the floor and striking his head.” But that was as much information as she could provide at the time.

According to a report of the incident provided by the local Lowell Sun Newspaper has stated that they could not immediately find information in regards to Anthony Mazzurco’s family members or friends, and could not provide any further comments from those directly involved in this matter. Nursing home and rehabilitation facility cases can unfold in any number of ways- whether improper supervision, inadequate medical attention, or any number of other potential negligent actions that can cause death or significant injury to you or a loved one our Boston injury lawyers are help. We are available for a phone consultation or meeting at a location of your convenience.

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