Plane Crash in Western Mass. Leaves 1 Dead and 3 Injured

One person was killed and three were injured when a single- engine plane crashed Sunday afternoon near Leverett, a town in Western Massachusetts. It’s not yet known whether the person who was killed was the pilot or a passenger. The injured persons have been taken to area hospitals.

The plane was a 28-year-old Cessna 206G, according to Federal Aviation Administration records. It was registered to Airborne Maintenance, Inc., which is based out of Long Island, in 2005.

Massachusetts state and local police have responded to the scene, and federal investigators are on their way.

Although we don’t hear about plane crashes very often, they occur much more frequently than is publicly reported. About 80 percent of plane accidents occur right before take-off or landing. The majority of plane accidents occur because of pilot error. Mechanical failure is another common cause.

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Source: The Boston Globe, Plane crash in western Mass. kills 1, injures 3

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