Randolph, Massachusetts Driver Who is Charged with Fatal Milton Car Accident Pleads Not Guilty

In Quincy District Court, 29-year-old Eric Lum has pleaded innocent to a number of criminal charges over the Milton, Massachusetts car accident death of a 25-year-old special needs teacher. Lum is accused of driving the sport utility vehicle that crashed into Alison Regan’s car in a head-on crash on Route 28 right before midnight on Sunday. Police then say that Lum fled the auto accident site on foot.

Charges against Lum include motor vehicle homicide, larceny of a motor vehicle, operating under the influence of drugs resulting in death, possession of a Cllass A substance, and leaving the scene of a crash resulting in death. He was ordered held on $100,0000 bail.

Lum was driving with a suspended license on the night of the crash. According to prosecutors, he has an extensive criminal record, which includes seven probation violations, 15 defaults, six convictions for driving while his license was suspended, and two prior convictions for leaving a crash site.

During Sunday’s crash, Lum had also struck another vehicle, driven by Kamilah Land. Fortunately, the 18-year-old Randolph resident was not hurt.

Police say that Lum has a drug problem and has struggled with a heroin addiction for several years. His mother Mary says he took the keys to the Ford Explorer without permission.

Lum’s father, Ronald, has apologized on his son’s behalf. He says that he and his wife have tried to help him his son overcome his drug addiction.

Regan taught autistic students at the Boston Higachi School.

Head-On Crashes
Injuries from a Quincy head-on crash can be fatal. If you were involved in a head-on crash because another driver was driving drunk, under the influence of drugs, text messaging, or engaging in some other type of reckless or negligent behavior, you may have a Boston personal injury case on your hands.

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