Rock Band Great White To Pay Injury Victims Of 2003 Club Fire $1 Million

Five years after a pyrotechnics display at a nightclub killed 100 people during a rock concert, the Great White band has reached a $1 million settlement agreement with survivors and victims families. Over 200 people were injured in the fatal fire. Great White band member Ty Longley also died in the blaze, which has been called the 4th worst nightclub blaze in US history.

The fire broke out at The Station, a Rhode Island nightclub, when band tour manager Daniel Biechele ignited pyrotechnics at the start of the concert. The packaging foam used by the club to soundproof around the stage caught on fire. Biechele pleaded guilty to 100 counts of involuntary manslaughter, as did nightclub owners Jeffrey and Michael Derderian.

Dozens of plaintiffs have been named as defendants in lawsuits filed by fire victims and family members.

By agreeing to settle, the band members are not admitting to wrongdoing or misconduct. The settlement calls for the over 300 plaintiffs to endorse the agreement. A distribution plan for the funds also must be first worked out. Biechele, lead singer Jack Russell, the band’s management company, the record label, and several others are part of this settlement agreement with the fire victims.

Several other parties have settled their cases with the victims and family members including, the town of West Warwick and the state of Rhode Island. Both have agreed to settle with the plaintiffs for $20 million. Anheuser-Busch and a Rhode Island beer distributor will pay $21 million, and several foam manufacturers have agreed to pay $30 million. Other parties that were also sued for personal injury include a local fire marshal and the radio station that promoted the concert.

Settlements roll in over deadly nightclub fire,, September 3, 2008
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